Experience Counts

Our experience and dedication allows us to represent individuals in family law matters with the highest level of care and expertise.

Schefft Law Office

In family law matters, everything is at stake: your future and the future of your children. Attorney Karl D. Schefft is well aware of the financial and emotional expense of divorce.  He works with his clients and other professionals to resolve matters efficiently, creatively and effectively.

You want to protect your interests, but how can you achieve that without a devastating battle?

As an attorney practicing Family Law since 1984 and as an effective legal advisor, Attorney Schefft exclusively assists people dealing with divorce, separation and all other family law issues.   Attorney Schefft has handled many cases battled in the adversarial litigation system.  Sometimes that is the only option because the other spouse or his/her attorney will not act nor deal reasonably to settle the case.  If that eventuality is needed, Attorney Schefft is well versed with the litigation system and has tried countless divorce and Family Law cases to as successful a resolution as possible.

Too often, however, he has witnessed an adversarial process that ignites the volatile mix of anger and fear that are often present at the end of a marriage, touching off round after round of devastating litigation during and after a divorce. The result is a divorce spiraling out of control, fees escalate, and damaging all family members.  Opportunities to leverage diplomatic skills to help forge a better solution are lost and everybody loses. Unfortunately, couples with significant assets and income are particularly vulnerable to finding themselves in protracted court battles before they have really studied their options. Before they know it, they are trapped in an escalating battle from which it is hard to change course. It may be impossible to reverse the damage the contest is doing to themselves and to their children.

It does not have to be this way.

Attorney Schefft’s practice is devoted to pursuing resolutions to family conflicts using advanced methods such as collaborative law, mediation and four way conferences with parties and Attorneys whenever possible to attempt resolution without litigation. To learn more about these process options, please see those sections of this website or call for a consultation.

Experience Counts

Attorney Schefft’s experience and dedication allows him to represent individuals in family law matters with the highest level of care and expertise.